Wedding Marquee Decoration Ideas

You know too well that marquee weddings can be quite challenging. However, here are some marquee wedding decoration ideas that can help you have the perfect wedding everyone else is dreaming of.

Tissue pom poms and paper lantern

If you have a white lined marquees, make sure to invest and inject some colour into it by hanging different sizes of paper lanterns as well as spiked tissue paper pom poms. In that way, you’ll have a colourful yet simple wedding decoration for your marquee wedding.

Winter Wonderland

Another idea is the winter wonderland. This is for who likes the colour of the snow and winter because this is a combination of white, grey and blue colours. Paper lanterns in different sizes are attached to the white marquee to create a dramatic winter atmosphere inside your wedding reception.

Place for wedding decorations in island Santorini, Greece

Bright bespoke wedding

Why not go for vibrant and bold colours? This lively bespoke wedding will elevate the atmosphere in your wedding day, and it also represents fun, excitement, vibrant and brightness that should be all present during your wedding day. It is pleasing to the eyes, and it contributes to the lively atmosphere.

Blue paper lantern

If you want to go for a simpler yet elegant look, consider the blue paper lantern. Attached to your white marquee are shades of blue-green that is both pleasing to the eyes and will give you a peace of mind. This is perfect for those couples who wanted to stick with a single colour only.

Pastel paper lantern

However, if you opt for a festive look of your wedding, you should consider using pastel paper lanterns to do so. This will keep your guests entertained as if they’re wondering if they have entered the right room because it looks more like a festival than a wedding reception—only if you wanted to have this effect, though.

Real canopy

If you want more vibrant colours around, you can just pick your favourite colours in a beautiful combination and everything will fall into place. It will create a fun and lively atmosphere; it is pleasing to the eyes and it also adds beauty into your plain white lined marquee.

While most of the people don’t usually choosea marquee wedding because it can be a little detailed compared to an ordinary wedding, there’s nothing wrong if you do not stick with the traditional. Decorating your marquee wedding is what could be the best experience of your life aside from your actual wedding celebration. These ideas will tap your imagination and creativity, and I am sure that by now, you have something in your mind for your marquee wedding.

It is not that hard as everyone claims it to be, you just need to find the right wedding organiser, ideas from your friends and families and everything will fall into place. There is no such thing as good and unique as a marquee wedding so why don’t you give it a try?