Unique and Fun Ideas for Table Names at Wedding Reception

If you wanted to come up with unique and creative tables for your wedding reception, here are the top unique ideas that you could use to come up with such creative table names!

Personal table names

In this category, you can name your table with such a meaningful date for both for you and your groom. For example, the date when you first met him or the date that he proposed. If you are counting, you can also include the number of dates you’ve been together before of the name of the pet that you’ve taken care of together. You can also consider the name of the couple that you adore in your circle of friends or families (e.g. your grandparent’s name).

Travel table names

If you two love travelling, this is the perfect idea for you. You can name your table with all the cities and municipalities you’ve visited together, all the countries that you have travelled, the place of your upcoming honeymoon, famous landmarks that you are planning to visit someday or even the name of the street that you live, name of rivers and other tourist attractions that are meaningful for the both of you.

Sports table names

This is for acouple who loves sports—or even one of you is active at a particular sports activity. You can name your table with your favourite football player, asports event that you have attended, famous sporting events that you wanted to go or other sporting terms that you think everyone should know about.

Nature table names

Who says that you cannot name your wedding table after a bird? A plant? A flower? All of which are included in nature, as long as you both agree and you are both environmentalists—at least, could be included in this category.

table set

Film table names

Who hates watching movies, anyway? You can name your table with your favourite film, favourite actors and actresses as well as favourite directors. If you want, you can also include the on-screen couple that you adore or the top 10 romantic movies or your favourite setting in a movie. In that way, you will also be sharing some good movies to watch for your guests.

Popular table names

There are a lot to choose from. If you want to catch up with the trend, you should consider naming your table after gemstones, creators of different vintage cars, your favourite bands, precious stones, the names of gods and goddesses, the translation of the phrase “I love you” in different languages and so on.

There you go! You can choose among these categories, and I’m sure you’ll eventually come up with such unique and creative table names for your wedding reception. While some may think that this is just a small detail, you should not miss the chance to name your tables because it can also showcase your personality and interest at the same time.