How to Make Wedding Decorations

If you want to save money for your wedding, might as well start looking for ideas on how to make wedding decorations by yourself. You can do it with the help of your friends and your partner, the less you pay for your wedding, and the better it will be. Here are some ideas that you could give a try:

Unique Guest Book

Don’t stick with the ordinary guest book and get creative. You can ask your guests to write their brief messages on a wood horseshoes and then they can toss it for a good luck wish for the newly-wed couple. They can also provide lovely souvenirs along with the message.

Barrel tables

Barrel table looks exceptionally awesome especially if you are going to conduct your wedding reception outdoor. These barrels are with the ideal height could be turned into cocktail tables for your guests.

Boutique with Wine Glasses

Use the nature

Why don’t you utilize the natural beauty of nature in decorating your wedding? For example, a big tree could serve as the base for all of your centrepieces. You can just have inspirations from the outdoor locale.


If you are aware that your guests are bringing their kids to the ceremony, you could display a pinwheel to entertain them. Not only that, but a pinwheel looks awesome if you are going to decorate your wedding tables.

Creative sign

If you are accommodating your reception outdoor, you could get creative with signs that will serve as a guide for your guest. This homemade design could lead them to the right direction. You could write something like, “This way for Ana and Ben’s awesome wedding!”

Country escort card

Do you have toy horses that had been gathering dust at the back of your cabinet? Well, it’s about time you make good use of them. First, start drilling small holes into the toys before covering it in gold paint. After that, you can now insert the wires into the toys to secure that the card stay put.

Provide a picnic atmosphere

There is no need for you to stick with the traditional wedding atmosphere. This is perfect for those who are planning to have their wedding outdoor because you could just throw a picnic party. Picnic tables with beautiful string lights and some banners are one way to elevate the atmosphere and turn it into a fun and casual day for both of you and your guests.

Showcase your family photos

Why don’t you let them have a glance of your family? You know too well that not all of your guests know each other so to break the awkward atmosphere between your guests, showcase your family photos so that they could have something to talk about.

These easy DIY wedding decorations will not only make your wedding unique and insanely fun, but it can also help you in saving as much money possible for the total expense of your wedding. The biggest day of your life does not need to be expensive. Sometimes, a little creativity will do the magic.