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If you want to save money for your wedding, might as well start looking for ideas on how to make wedding decorations by yourself. You can do it with the help of your friends and your partner, the less you pay for your wedding, and the better it will be. Here are some ideas that you could give a try:

Unique Guest Book

Don’t stick with the ordinary guest book and get creative. You can ask your guests to write their brief messages on a wood horseshoes and then they can toss it for a good luck wish for the newly-wed couple. They can also provide lovely souvenirs along with the message.

Barrel tables

Barrel table looks exceptionally awesome especially if you are going to conduct your wedding reception outdoor. These barrels are with the ideal height could be turned into cocktail tables for your guests.

Boutique with Wine Glasses

Use the nature

Why don’t you utilize the natural beauty of nature in decorating your wedding? For example, a big tree could serve as the base for all of your centrepieces. You can just have inspirations from the outdoor locale.


If you are aware that your guests are bringing their kids to the ceremony, you could display a pinwheel to entertain them. Not only that, but a pinwheel looks awesome if you are going to decorate your wedding tables.

Creative sign

If you are accommodating your reception outdoor, you could get creative with signs that will serve as a guide for your guest. This homemade design could lead them to the right direction. You could write something like, “This way for Ana and Ben’s awesome wedding!”

Country escort card

Do you have toy horses that had been gathering dust at the back of your cabinet? Well, it’s about time you make good use of them. First, start drilling small holes into the toys before covering it in gold paint. After that, you can now insert the wires into the toys to secure that the card stay put.

Provide a picnic atmosphere

There is no need for you to stick with the traditional wedding atmosphere. This is perfect for those who are planning to have their wedding outdoor because you could just throw a picnic party. Picnic tables with beautiful string lights and some banners are one way to elevate the atmosphere and turn it into a fun and casual day for both of you and your guests.

Showcase your family photos

Why don’t you let them have a glance of your family? You know too well that not all of your guests know each other so to break the awkward atmosphere between your guests, showcase your family photos so that they could have something to talk about.

These easy DIY wedding decorations will not only make your wedding unique and insanely fun, but it can also help you in saving as much money possible for the total expense of your wedding. The biggest day of your life does not need to be expensive. Sometimes, a little creativity will do the magic.


It’s okay not to stick with the traditional white pillow that for your platinum rings because being able to step out of the ordinary and becoming bold is one huge factor to make your wedding more memorable. Now, if you are thinking about the alternatives for ring bearer pillow for your platinum rings, here are some ideas that you could consider:

Wood Slices

This is perfect for those who are celebrating their wedding outdoors or for a woodsy wedding. Birch slices can turn into a rustic ring stand for your platinum rings, and there should be a pretty ribbon (the color would depend on you or the theme of your wedding) will run throughout the center of the slices that will keep the stack together.

Embroidery Hoops

This one is an embroidery hoop that could serve as your ring holder instead of the traditional white pillow. Not only that but you can reuse this by hanging it on your walls as one of your artworks and souvenirs of your wedding.

Bearer Bowl

Who wants a white pillow when you can use a bowl? Hire an artist to create a ceramic bowl with gold leaf edging for your platinum ring. There are numerous bowls that can be boughtalready; you just have to customize it with a brief message for your wedding.

Seashell Ring Holder

Are you having a beach wedding? Well, this one is perfect for you! Why don’t you store your platinum rings in one of those pretty little seashells that you use to collect when you are still a kid? In that way, the beach flair can be seen just as everywhere.


Bearer Dishes

You want a more customized ring holder with you and your husband’s name encrypted into it? Why don’t you try the bearer dishes? It can be molded into almost anything, and it is easy to customize to add a personal touch to your wedding ring holder.

Flower Holder

How pretty is that when you’ve got a ring holder that is made out of rose buds and have been placedon a silk pillow? It’s simple yet elegant. It is perfect for those who are looking for a simple design with a touch of pink.

Green button mom pillows

Why don’t you make good use of a real green button moms and customize it to create a ring holder? It looks wonderful, and this is perfect who do not want to spend too much for their ring holder.

Bearer boxes

This will provide endless options for you because you can use almost everything—from ribbons to papers to fabrics to other designs that you wanted to include in your customized ring holder.

Vintage books

If you love vintage, you should apply it in your ring holder. There are lots of vintage books that you can purchase and so many vintage covers to choose from so you will never run out of ideas if you opt for a vintage book as your ring holder.


If you wanted to come up with unique and creative tables for your wedding reception, here are the top unique ideas that you could use to come up with such creative table names!

Personal table names

In this category, you can name your table with such a meaningful date for both for you and your groom. For example, the date when you first met him or the date that he proposed. If you are counting, you can also include the number of dates you’ve been together before of the name of the pet that you’ve taken care of together. You can also consider the name of the couple that you adore in your circle of friends or families (e.g. your grandparent’s name).

Travel table names

If you two love travelling, this is the perfect idea for you. You can name your table with all the cities and municipalities you’ve visited together, all the countries that you have travelled, the place of your upcoming honeymoon, famous landmarks that you are planning to visit someday or even the name of the street that you live, name of rivers and other tourist attractions that are meaningful for the both of you.

Sports table names

This is for acouple who loves sports—or even one of you is active at a particular sports activity. You can name your table with your favourite football player, asports event that you have attended, famous sporting events that you wanted to go or other sporting terms that you think everyone should know about.

Nature table names

Who says that you cannot name your wedding table after a bird? A plant? A flower? All of which are included in nature, as long as you both agree and you are both environmentalists—at least, could be included in this category.

table set

Film table names

Who hates watching movies, anyway? You can name your table with your favourite film, favourite actors and actresses as well as favourite directors. If you want, you can also include the on-screen couple that you adore or the top 10 romantic movies or your favourite setting in a movie. In that way, you will also be sharing some good movies to watch for your guests.

Popular table names

There are a lot to choose from. If you want to catch up with the trend, you should consider naming your table after gemstones, creators of different vintage cars, your favourite bands, precious stones, the names of gods and goddesses, the translation of the phrase “I love you” in different languages and so on.

There you go! You can choose among these categories, and I’m sure you’ll eventually come up with such unique and creative table names for your wedding reception. While some may think that this is just a small detail, you should not miss the chance to name your tables because it can also showcase your personality and interest at the same time.


You know too well that marquee weddings can be quite challenging. However, here are some marquee wedding decoration ideas that can help you have the perfect wedding everyone else is dreaming of.

Tissue pom poms and paper lantern

If you have a white lined marquees, make sure to invest and inject some colour into it by hanging different sizes of paper lanterns as well as spiked tissue paper pom poms. In that way, you’ll have a colourful yet simple wedding decoration for your marquee wedding.

Winter Wonderland

Another idea is the winter wonderland. This is for who likes the colour of the snow and winter because this is a combination of white, grey and blue colours. Paper lanterns in different sizes are attached to the white marquee to create a dramatic winter atmosphere inside your wedding reception.

Place for wedding decorations in island Santorini, Greece

Bright bespoke wedding

Why not go for vibrant and bold colours? This lively bespoke wedding will elevate the atmosphere in your wedding day, and it also represents fun, excitement, vibrant and brightness that should be all present during your wedding day. It is pleasing to the eyes, and it contributes to the lively atmosphere.

Blue paper lantern

If you want to go for a simpler yet elegant look, consider the blue paper lantern. Attached to your white marquee are shades of blue-green that is both pleasing to the eyes and will give you a peace of mind. This is perfect for those couples who wanted to stick with a single colour only.

Pastel paper lantern

However, if you opt for a festive look of your wedding, you should consider using pastel paper lanterns to do so. This will keep your guests entertained as if they’re wondering if they have entered the right room because it looks more like a festival than a wedding reception—only if you wanted to have this effect, though.

Real canopy

If you want more vibrant colours around, you can just pick your favourite colours in a beautiful combination and everything will fall into place. It will create a fun and lively atmosphere; it is pleasing to the eyes and it also adds beauty into your plain white lined marquee.

While most of the people don’t usually choosea marquee wedding because it can be a little detailed compared to an ordinary wedding, there’s nothing wrong if you do not stick with the traditional. Decorating your marquee wedding is what could be the best experience of your life aside from your actual wedding celebration. These ideas will tap your imagination and creativity, and I am sure that by now, you have something in your mind for your marquee wedding.

It is not that hard as everyone claims it to be, you just need to find the right wedding organiser, ideas from your friends and families and everything will fall into place. There is no such thing as good and unique as a marquee wedding so why don’t you give it a try?